Virtual Merchant
New Zealand

ODBC Direct connects programs like Virtual Merchant to your MYOB business information and is automatically installed as part of the MYOB installation process.

Configuring an ODBC Data Source

The first step is to configure an ODBC data source - in other words, connect MYOB ODBC Direct to your MYOB Company information.

  1. From the Windows Start Menu choose Control Panel; choose Administrative Tools and click ODBC Data Sources(32bit).  The ODBC Data Source Administrator window appears.

  2. Click Add, the Create New Data Source window appears

  3. Scroll down and locate MYOB_ODBC click it to select it, then click Finish.  The ODBC MYOB Setup Configuration window appears.

  4. Enter MYOB in the Data Source Name field. Important: The Data Source Name must be MYOB for Virtual Merchant to locate it.
  5. Click the Browse button and navigate to your MYOB data file (usually in your MYOB installation folder C:\Premier10).

  6. Select your MYOB data file and click Open.

  7. In the User Name field enter the administrator for your company file. If you have not renamed the administrator user name when you created the company file the default user name is Administrator.  Enter the administrator password (if you've defined one - otherwise leave the password field blank) and click OK to close the ODBC MYOB Setup Configuration window.
  8. Click OK to close the ODBC Data Source Administrator window.


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